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 SDLG LG660E Excavator

SDLG LG660E Excavator

Product Introduction

The LG660, a product developed by SDLG through absorbing advanced VOLVO technologies, integrates advantages including energy-saving, reliability and comfort, and features flexible operation and low noise, widely usedin various working conditions like farmland construction, urban renewal etc.
1. It is applied with the imported Yanmar Euro II engine featuring strong power, proper economic and environmental performance and high reliability; Tier3 engine is also optional.
2. The advanced three-pump hydraulic systemenables precise pilot control, good combined operation ability, high operating efficiency and enhanced fine operation ability; and the hydraulic components installed in the system are of world-known brands with high reliability.
3. The travelling system of the complete loader boasts smaller ground pressure and high chassis trafficability, and the high-voltage, two-speed and high-torque travelling motor installed in the system offers high traction force.
4. The special-section tube framed cab provides wide vision, good sealing performance and great internal space, and the roof blowing is added for the A/C system, both of which contribute to a comfortable driving environment.
5. The open engine hood is equipped for the convenience of maintenance and service, and it is designed with stream-line appearance, simple but charming. The counterbalance is engineered to be bumping resistant, effectively protecting the engine rear hood.
6. The patented untra-strong understructure of bionic design is applied and its key parts are made of high-strength steel plates, enhancing the reliability and the adaptability of the complete loader to the severe working conditions.
7. Modules like booster, two-speed lifting arm, automatic idling and implement quick-change module can be configured as options to meet various requirements of customers.

Technical Parameter



Overall operating weight

6050 kg

Bucket capacity

0.1~0.2 m3

Max. excavation force

40 k n

Swing speed

0-10 r/min

Traveling speed (low/high)

2.2/4.2 km/h


5930×1960×2620 mm

Max digging radius

5990 mm

Max. digging depth

3846 mm

Max digging height

4163 mm

Engine rated power

37.2 kW

Operating pressure

22 M Pa

Max climbing angle (H)


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