6-8T Wheel loader

  •  SDLG LG989 Wheel loader
 SDLG LG989 Wheel loader

SDLG LG989 Wheel loader

Product Introduction

- which makes the new design of wheel loader, the whole machine inherits the core concept of makes reliable bearing great trust, improve the design level, to make the machine more reliable and efficient.
- imported from 13 l engine makes special low speed high torque, low fuel consumption, strong power, high reliability; Interface with SIEDIA fault detection, easy to realize the engine testing and maintenance.
- have put patent technology of box type independent cooling system, cooling controller can be adjusted according to the water temperature, inlet temperature automatic fan speed, energy conservation and high efficiency.
- the HT220 fixed axis type electro-hydraulic shift transmission, gear after the first four , has forced down shift function (KD key function), easy manipulation, high efficiency Equipped with VOLVO SWB4B wet bridge, full hydraulic brake, carrying capacity is big, the braking effect is good, high reliability, more suitable for all kinds of bad working conditions.
- the whole machine adopts triple shock absorption system, damping performance is better, the indoor noise reduction, the international well-known brand luxury mechanical suspension seat, damping performance is better, improve the driver operating comfort.
- with the rolls (FOPS&ROPS) bridge, eye shot is open, the operating space is large, the whole cabin interiors, sealed performance is good, indoor noise reduction, the standard inside and outside circulation air conditioning, a safe and comfortable.
- application makes independent research and development of digital combination instrument panel, man-machine interactive high; Adopt centralized control, integrated testing and maintenance convenient, electrical components high reliability.
- the load sensing hydraulic steering and the forerunner control system, flexible operation, reliable performance; Adopts full hydraulic pressure brake, brake steady and reliable.
- a new generation of box-type structure frame, the load distribution is reasonable, the configuration to soft limit, impact is small, the whole fatigue life of 8000 hours; Articulated with tapered roller bearing and joint bearing complex structure, more suitable for bad working conditions.
Rise - working device optimization design, great strength, high fill factor; At the bottom of the bucket leading plate using trapezoidal wear-resistant steel structure, more wear-resistant plate design, insert the small resistance, wear-resisting performance is good.
- the standard centralized lubrication system, to achieve timing, fixed-point, quantitative lubrication, reduce the pin shaft wear and tear, reduce the dosage of grease.

Technical Parameter


The parameter value

Operating weight

26500~28000 Kg

Bucket capacity

4.0~7.0 m3

Rated load

8000 Kg

Max breakout force

244 KN

Max dumping height(E)

3300 mm

Dumping distance(G)

1400 mm


9300×3320×3725 mm

Max traction force

225 KN

Max climbing angle(H)


Total time

≤11.8 s

Steering angel(O)


Tipping load

165 KN

Rated power

245 kW

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