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  •  G9200 SDLG Motor Grader
 G9200 SDLG Motor Grader

G9200 SDLG Motor Grader

Product Introduction

G9220 is SDLG in absorbing VOLVO advanced technology research and development on the basis of a high speed, high efficiency, high precision and multi-purpose products, can realize the ground level and trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow, osteoporosis, cloth, mixing, etc, are widely used in highway, airport, national defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improving construction conditions.
1, configuration, electric power, in accordance with the engine, has three power curve, and ZF transmission perfect match, can choose according to load the corresponding power mode, achieve the best performance and fuel efficiency, energy conservation and high efficiency.
2,VOLVO using advanced technology of double oil cylinders drive tray type work device, the use of domestic industry first double rotary oil cylinder and the rotary valve structure, driving force is big, can turn on load.
3, with rolls (ROPS/FOPS) bridge, good sealing, safe and reliable; Vision, in turn, crabs and edges smooth work, is beneficial to observe shovel knife on both ends of the state, work with high precision.
4, pendulum using free of lubrication, maintenance free composite bearing, low friction coefficient, impact resistance, wear resistance, high reliability; Using hydraulic lock cylinder positioning, convenient operation.
5, the structure of the shovel and optimal placement of the oil cylinder, high operation smoothness.
6, adopts centralized control, integrated three-stage alarm monitoring system, digital step, according to the instrument human-computer interactive, inspection and maintenance is convenient; The machine control with functions of automatic cruise, make the engine work under setting speed, reduce the operator intensity.
7, options scarifier in bulldozing plate, before and after the scarifier and so on, satisfies the customer the diverse demand.

Technical Parameter



Over operation weight

16500 kg

The front wheel maximum gradient


Front axle swinging Angle


The front wheel steering Angle


Frame articulated steering Angle


Cutter diameter

1626 mm

Knife dish specifications

4267×635×25 mm

The shovel turning Angle


The shovel off the ground clearance

445 mm

Shovel knife cutting depth

787 mm

Shovel blade Angle


The shovel sliding range

673 mm

Maximum traction(f=0.75)

87 k N

Engine power

164 kW

A top speed of forward/backward

39/25.5 km/h

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