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  •  XCMG LW300FN Wheel loader
 XCMG LW300FN Wheel loader

XCMG LW300FN Wheel loader

Product Introduction

LW300K machine is ahead of other product of the same kind essentially. The machine is especially adapted to the working conditions of aggregate, earthmoving, coal. The shoveling work efficiency ranks top in the industy.
K series loader is XCMG latest wheel loader of high efficiency with more than 10 years’ experience.
The performance, efficiency, structural strength, service life, daily maintenance and operation condition are upgraded all round.
All series products adopt superstrong structure, especially for the heavyload work condition.
LW300K features the super large operation weight, long machine body, and strong strength and high efficiency, leading in the industry.
Excellent performance
Large strength: strong bucket breakout force of 12 ton ensures the adaption to various tough conditions. The strong boom lifting force of 7-ton ensures that the machine could meet various operation methods of heavy load.
Reliable operation: with the long wheelbase of 2900mm and long machine body of 7250mm, the machine is ahead in the industry in terms of the operation reliability.
Smooth driving: Centered design of wheelbase, no speed difference between front and rear wheel, smooth turning and no abrasion of the tyre.
High efficiency
Quick action: the total time of three devices is only 10.3s, leading in the industry.
Fast speed: reasonable gear arrangement, I gear of 7 km/hour, II gear of 14 km/hour, leading top in industry in terms of the operation efficiency.
Flexible steering: small turning radius; load sensing steering, flexible and efficient.
Sufficient power: famous engine, using the power efficiently and saving the energy effectively.
High strength
Heavy load design, the front and rear frame adopt box type structure, thick board and high strength.
The key structural parts adopt the finite-element analysis to ensure that the machine could adapt to various kinds of dangerous working condition.
Large distance between up and down articulated plate, large wheelbase. The machine features higher strength and more reliable operation.
The machine weight reaches 10.6 ton, the length of 7.25m. The structural strength leads top in the industry.
Long service life
Key articulated positions are of two-stage dustproof, featuring small abrasion and long service life.
Durable blade and bucket teeth feature longer service life.
The hydraulic pipeline adopts two-level sealing of 24° cone and O ring, settling the common issue of leakage.
The easily worn pipeline is equipped with the protection bush, prolonging the service life.
Convenient maintenance
The engine hood adopts large side door of upturning design, featuring large opening angle and easy access.
It is convenient and easy to fill the oil to the brake system.
The hydraulic valve is easy to access, convenient for repair and inspection.
The grease fillers of integrated position provide more convenience for the maintenance of the shaft.
Comfortable driving
The luxurious cab features large space and wide visibility.
Elegant adjustable instrument panel and comfortable operation.
Dual-lever gear shift control, no parking during the speed change, flexible and convenient.
Optional electric cabinet and air conditioner; more convenient operation, and more comfortable driving.
Key breakthrough of leading level in industry
Start the vehicle manufacturing technology first in China, and adopt the all-metal mould pressing covering part, keep the color of the new vehicle through the electrophoretic coating.
Start the vehicle manufacturing technology first in China, and adopt the all-metal mould pressing covering part, keep the color of the new vehicle through the electrophoretic coating.

Technical Parameter



Rated load


Bucket capacity

1.8 m3

Dumping height


Dumping distance


Max.drawing force

≥120 kN

Max. traction

≥90 kN

Dimension (L×W×H)


Operating weight


Boom lifting time


Total time of three devices




Min. turning radius (bucket outer)


Rated power


Long boom parameter

Bucket capacity

1.5/1.8 m3

Rated load


Dimension (Length × Width × Height )


Dumping height


Dumping distance


Operating weight


Attachment parameter-grasping grass

Dumping height

3043 mm

Dumping distance

2036 mm

Clamp body width

2200 mm

Max. opening

2800 mm

Attachment parameter-clamp(III)

Dumping height

2784 mm

Dumping distance

1134 mm

Min. circle diameter

590 mm

Max. opening

1700 mm

Attachment parameter-side dumping

Bucket width

2650 mm


7414×2650×3290 mm

Dumping height (straight/side) dumping

2813/3623 mm

Dumping distance (straight/side) dumping

1104/183 mm

Lifting height (straight/side) dumping

5120/6052 mm

Attachment parameter-Sliding fork

Fork folding angle


Attachment length

1575 mm

Attachment width

1980 mm

Attachment height

1200 mm

Fork teeth length

1050 mm

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