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  •  SDLG L956FH Wheel Loader
 SDLG L956FH Wheel Loader

SDLG L956FH Wheel Loader

Product Introduction

L956FH is a long-wheelbase loader newly designed by
SDLG. Adhering to the core concept of “reliable
bearing and carrying” for the overall
machine, comprehensively improve
the design and manufacturing level of
critical parts, integrating comfort, energy
saving and reliability. Based on ultra-strong
stability and large break-out force, it is more suitable
for heavy-duty works such as mines, and its
comprehensive performance is outstanding.

Technical Parameter

Item Specifications Item Specifications
Overall dimension Emission standard GB20891-2007 China Phase II
LxWxH 8280×3024×3380 mm Min.fuel-consume ratio 215g/kw.h
Wheelbase 3300 mm Transmission system
Min.ground clearance 420 mm Torque converter Single-stage four-element
Max.dumping height 3110 mm double-turbine hydraulic torque converter
Dumping distance 1120 mm Transmission type Planetary power shift
Dumping angle -45° Gears Forward 2 reverse 1
Wheel tread 2190mm Speed at forward gear Ⅰ 0~13
Steering angle 38° Speed at forward gear Ⅱ 0~38
Horizontal crossing radius 6870mm Speed at reverse gearⅠ 0~17 km/h
Min.turning radius 5890 mm    
Overall parameters Hydraulic system of working device
Bucket capacity 3.2m³(Optional 2.7-4.5m³) Type Hydraulic pilot control
Rated load 5400kg Total time ≤10.0 s
Operating weight 16970kg Brake system
Max.tractive force ≥165 kN Service brake type Gas-cap oil-clamp disk
Max.breakout force ≥175kN Parking brake type Electric pneumatic caliper disc type
Tipping load ≥110 kN Steering system
Engine   Type load sensing full hydraulic articulated steering
Model WD10G220E23 System pressure 16 MPa
Type Inline, water-cooled, dry cylinder liner, direct injection Fill Capacity  
Rated power 162kW Fuel 300 L
Rated speed 2000 r/min Hydraulic oil 240 L
Engine displacement 9726ml Engine 20 L
Cylinder bore/stroke 126/130mm Transmission 45L
Max.torque 980 N.m Drive axle 2×30 L
    Braking system 4L

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