3-5T Wheel loader

  •  SDLG LG955N Wheel loader
 SDLG LG955N Wheel loader

SDLG LG955N Wheel loader

Product Introduction

Configuration to meet the requirements of China Ⅱ emission energy-saving low speed, high efficiency of torque converter and engine makes invention patent technology of hydraulic system, reasonable matching, improve the working efficiency, reduces the energy consumption, realize the comprehensive energy saving more than 20%.
-Cooling system USES electric thermal management module, effectively reduce the engine water temperature, hydraulic system oil temperature and oil temperature, high cooling efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption.
- using enhanced transmission and drive axle, transmission components optimization design, high reliability.
- the whole machine adopts three-level suspension system, vibration decrease 40%, damping performance is better, driving the indoor noise reduction 5 db (A), improved the driver operating comfort.
- application makes independent research and development of digital combination instrument panel, man-machine interactive high; Adopt centralized control, integrated testing and maintenance convenient, electrical components high reliability.
- the load sensing hydraulic steering system, double steering pump can achieve automatic control classification variables, smooth and comfortable operation, stable and reliable performance. Hydraulic line adopts double sealing structure, makes the sealing performance of the hydraulic system to further improve.
- using reinforced frame structure, the stress level is low, long life, high reliability; Balance of iron is aggravating, a long-wheelbase 3200, tipping load is bigger, homework more stable walking; The lifting oil cylinder bold, hoisting capacity bigger, more exciting; Articulated with tapered roller bearing and joint bearing complex structure, more suitable for bad working conditions.
Rise - working device optimization design, great strength, high fill factor; At the bottom of the bucket the butcher board using trapezoidal wear-resistant steel structure, wear-resistant plate adopts thickening recessed type structure, insert the small resistance, wear-resisting performance is good.
- the new steel structure bridge, eye shot is open; Driving indoor optimized layout, operating more space; The whole cabin interior, sealing well; High performance in optional in accordance with ISO standards, good comfort.
- with 18 level wide base tire, stronger bearing capacity, high wear resistance.

Technical Parameter



Operating weight

17200 Kg

Bucket capacity

2.4~4.5 m3

Rated load

5000 Kg

Bucket hoisting time


Total time


Rated power


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