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  •  SDLG LG953 Wheel loader
 SDLG LG953 Wheel loader

SDLG LG953 Wheel loader

Product Introduction

LG953 is a suitable for loading and unloading of loose material and hard material, long wheelbase loader machine possesses the big dig up force long wheelbase loader, the advantages of big tilting load, at the same time, with a short wheelbase loader flexible, small turning radius, the characteristics of widely used for sand factory, ports, construction sites, mines and other occasions.
1. configuration, meet the requirements of the China Ⅱ emission wei chai engine low speed high torque, low fuel consumption, strong power, high reliability; With exhaust type two stage air filter, reliable in performance.
2. the cooling system by electric thermal management module, optimize the structure of radiator, optimization into and out of the air duct design, effectively reduce the engine water temperature, oil temperature of hydraulic system, the machine high cooling efficiency.
3. which makes the mature technology of planetary gearbox, gear after the preceding two, manipulation of light, reliable and efficient ;Drive axle strengthening design, large bearing capacity, high reliability.
4. the new steel structure bridge, eye shot is open, operating more space; The whole cabin interior, sealing well; Options of air conditioning, good comfort.
5. the application makes independent research and development of digital step-type dashboard, human-computer interaction.
6. the load sensing hydraulic steering system, mechanical manipulation, simple operation, stable and reliable performance. Hydraulic line adopts double sealing structure, makes the sealing performance of the hydraulic system to further improve.
7. the reinforced frame, before and after taking 200000 fatigue strengthen test, the whole machine load distribution is reasonable, carrying capacity is strong, good stability.
8. the working device design optimization, dig up great strength, high fill factor;At the bottom of the bucket leading plate using trapezoidal wear-resistant steel structure, more wear-resistant plate design, insert the small resistance, wear-resisting performance is good.

Technical Parameter



Operating weight

16600~16700 Kg

Bucket capacity

2.3~4.5 m3

Rated load

5000 Kg

Max breakout force

160 KN

Max dumping height(E)

3099~3400 mm

Dumping distance(G)

1083~1098 mm


7929×3024×3423 mm

Max traction force

150 KN

Max climbing angle(H)


Total time

≤10 s

Steering angel(O)


Tipping load

100 KN

Rated power

162 kW

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