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LG920 is makes with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of mini loader products. In standard movable arm, extended movable arm as a platform, can meet the demand of working condition of a variety of operations, is widely used in construction sites, underground mining, loading and unloading, and municipal construction, gardens, rural or urban construction, etc, can shovel loading and short-distance shipping scarification, sand, coal, garbage and other loose material, also can undertake traction, flat, accumulation and so on homework, is a versatile and efficient construction machinery.
1.configuration, meet the requirements of the China Ⅱ emission engine, strong power, low noise, reliable in performance.
2.the three components of hydraulic torque converter, single stage shaft transmission, easy operation, high reliability, convenient maintenance; Use mature technology, excellent performance, the position of drive axle, bearing capacity, long service life and high reliability.
3.the load sensing hydraulic steering system, quick turns to light, energy saving and reliable; Mechanical manipulation of the working device hydraulic system, easy operation, stable and reliable in performance. Configuration of famous brand hydraulic components and high reliability.
4.the new steel structure bridge, eye shot is open, the operating space is bigger, sealed well; Options of air conditioning, good comfort.
5.which makes high-end, form a complete set of mature system of electrical components, stable and reliable.
6.before and after using reinforced frame, through the 200000 fatigue strengthen experiment, carrying capacity is strong, the whole machine load distribution is reasonable, the stability is good.
7.the working device optimization design, wear plate at the bottom of the bucket and thicken design, cutting small resistance, high fill factor, reliable and efficient.


Rated Load



Rated Power (kW)


Max. Dump Height (mm)


Rated Speed (rpm)


Dump Reach (mm)


Max. Traction Force (KN)


Boom Lift Time (s)


Max. Breakout Force


Total Times (s)


Max. Grade ability (°)


Dimensions (L*W*H)

6127 x 2140 x 2920

Bucket Capacity (m3)


Operating Weight (kg)


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