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        LG920 underground loader is a designed for down hole operation conditions of a new generation of mini loader products. Before and after the work device of the frame, such as structure parts according to the working condition of down hole optimized design, the maintenance parts can well satisfy the down-hole harsh environment maintenance. The machine for LG920 platform building, flexible, high efficiency, energy saving and reliable.
        1.configuration, meet the requirements of the China Ⅱ emission Yu Chai turbo engine, powerful, high reliability.
        2.the three components of hydraulic torque converter, single stage fixed axis type power shift transmission, high reliability, convenient maintenance; Use mature technology, excellent performance, the position of drive axle, bearing capacity is big, long service life and high reliability.
        3.the load sensing hydraulic steering system, quick turns to light, smooth operation; Mechanical manipulation of the working device hydraulic system, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.
        4.which makes high-end, form a complete set of mature system of electrical components, electrical system is more stable and reliable.
        5.configuration, level 3 adjustable driving shed, shed height can be adjusted according to the need to be flexible driving, improve the comfortableness of operation Equipped with adjustable steering column, lightweight, comfortable, flexible operation.
        6.body adopts ultra-low design, can better adapt to the narrow work space; Strengthen the covering parts design, which can effectively protect the vehicles from the underground fall damage.
        7.before and after using reinforced frame, through the 200000 fatigue strengthen experiment, carrying capacity is strong, the whole machine load distribution is reasonable, the stability is good.
        8.with which makes patent technology of water treatment device, can have the effect of silencing, fire fighting, in addition to soot, guarantee the safety of underground work.
        9.the working device design optimization, dig up strength, lifting force is large, high load coefficient, can better adapt to mine narrow low operating mode.

        Overall working weight 6440-6620kg
        Rated bucket capacity 1.0-1.4m3
        Rated load 2.0t
        Overall dimension(L*W*H) 5985x2140x1500 mm
        Maximum breakout force 62KN
        Maximum dump height 1832-2510mm
         Maximum traction 56KN
        Maximum gradeability 30 degree
        Maximum steering angle 35 degree
        Engine rated power 63kW